Friday, June 29, 2007

It's almost over!

We're getting to the end, about one week until the big day! I can't wait for the

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I'm really hoping that the weather we've been having this spring isn't an indication of what's to come for the summer! Last week it was in the 80's and humid, not our typical spring weather here in Michigan. The beginning of this week it's been cooler but I just saw that Thursday it's supposed to be 90 and for the week after that it showed temps in the 80's everyday. That's just nuts!

My bosses picked up two kittens to keep their dog company. Anyone that knows me knows I'm not a big animal person but kittens aren't too bad...we'll see how I feel when they're all grown up. I don't know what it is with me not really liking animals, I guess I just don't like things climbing all over me and licking me-especially when I know it just came out of the litter box, not very appealing to me. No biggie though...

I'm off from work tonight for two weeks, I love my job! We've got the bachelorette/shower mayhem this weekend and that should be all sorts of fun. Saturday we're supposed to go to line dancing lessons and then out to lunch (part of the bachelorette party), that evening we've got an open house for a family friend's "make your own wine" shop, and then gathering at Will's house for food and games and then to the bar for the rest of the bachelorette party. When we get up north on Friday I've got to plant the flowers for the table decorations and finish the aprons because the sewing machine here seems to not want to work. We've also got to pick up a few more things for the shower, cut up watermelon and some veggies, make tea and punch and decorate the church hall for the event. Should be a crazy busy weekend...good times!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Winding up...

Will's wedding date is fast approching and it seems tha things are getting busier and busier! Renee's bachelorette party and wedding shower are this must be said that we had the shower planned before the bachelorette party so it's not our fault if many of the girls show up We've got a few more things to get ready for the shower-planting the flowers for the table decorations, putting together the prizes for the games, I've got to finish sewing aprons for one of the games and for the prizes, and the list goes on and on...good times!

I've gotten to be a bit crafty lately with scrapbooking and sewing. I put together a dress that I thought I was going to wear to the wedding but it turns out it didn't work so well on my body shape so I think my sister is going to wear it now. Thankfully I found another one I really liked and ordered it quick, it came in this past weekend and it will work perfectly! I had most of last week off from work so I was able to do a bit of scrapbooking and that was fun. I finished up what I could for the book I'm making for Will and Renee and did some on the family scrapbook. I wouldn't say I'm the most creative scrapbooker but I really have a good time putting pages together and remembering all the good times from the pictures.

Today is a rainy day, perfect for sewing which is good because I've got two days to finish three aprons for the shower, shouldn't be that hard because they're fairly easy to do and once they're finished I love looking at them because it's a very neat pattern. Hopefully I'll remember to take pictures to post when I get them finished.

Things have been going quite well all around right now. I've been working fairly regular, well regular for my job, and it's not been too bad. My family are all doing good-everyone is working to get ready for the wedding and it's been interesting to see how much time it consumes. My parents have been working hard at the farm with the change over to new ownership. They're working longer days and more days in a row which I know is hard on them but hopefully it's paying off in other ways. They got corn planted at their own farm and they've gotten some information about where they may be able to purchase some calves for the start of their dairy. Busy times but it seems that everyone is happy and that's a good thing!