Saturday, June 07, 2008


Well, the weather is one very noticeable change! Went from quite a chilly spring to a hot and humid one. There've been some thunder storms blowing through and the sky has got that haze that just screams moisture in the air. I do enjoy it being warm because it's nicer to swim then and I love to swim!

I'm a little slow on updating with what's been happening but a big update is my new niece is here! Her name is Clarissa and she's a darling, aren't most babies ;)

Here's me with the little cutie!

Arlexis is quite taken with her, especially since she's a girl, and that's fun to watch. Clarissa hasn't spit up on her yet though so we'll see what happens then because it's bound to happen one of these days. She's just over two weeks old and it's quite amazing how much she's changed already!

No big plans for the summer. I've got the last two weeks of this month off because th nanny family are going on vacation and I'm hoping to fill in some of that time by going up north and some with babysitting to earn some extra money.

I have been looking into going to massage school. There is a very good one down here and I think having something like that would really help to solidify where I'm headed with life. I think after I got through with that I might be able to move back north and get training to be a doula which would add another dimension to my skills. We'll see...