Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The wedding's over! All the planning and issues they had with vendors came together in the end and everyone had a great time. It was a hot day, the church was stuffy and the barn was too but it cooled off some so there was dancing by all. I've only got a few pictures to share but will hopefully have more when they get their professional ones back.

The Rehearsal

The Waiting

The Reception

The Gift of Goats


Bekah said...

you gave them goats?

Leezard said...

I didn't give them goats but some friends of theirs did. It started when them, along with a few other people, went in on a pair of goats for some friends of ours who got married in February. It appears it's become the thing to do...lol

They're living at my parent's farm so we'll see who ends up taking care of them the most ;)

Bekah said...

haha, very interesting!

Happy late birthday by the way! I've been gone for like 3 weeks so I'm sorry it's late!


Bekah said...

I have been to the B.O.B, actually. I went there for my 21st birthday. Though i wasn't to impressed with the club - some of the bars are pretty cool. Why? Were you there? You better not be in GR and not call me, punk ;)

Well first we were in Ireland for almost 2 weeks, then I got back and worked for like 2 days, and then went to Lansing for a concert, and then left the next day basically and went camping for a few days.

I just finally got through all my mail. heh.