Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Well, I'm going to be an auntie again before too long here. Will and Renee, who were married last July, will be having their baby soon. The due date is May 13, at her appointment last week the doctor told her she was looking good and could go at anytime.

Arlexis had some misgivings about welcoming her new cousin when she first found out that they were having a baby but I think she has settled in and will do just fine with him/her. I can see how she would struggle a little with having a new baby around since she is an only child and has been the only niece/grandchild on our side of the family for almost 13 years. I think it helps that I live down here near her, though with grandma and grandpa living so much closer to the baby she might still feel a bit bummed about sharing them.

Will and Renee decided not to find out what they were having so there have been all sorts of predictions. Renee thinks she's having a girl but my mom and I think she's having a boy...Arlexis was hoping for a girl but I think she doesn't care so much anymore. Based on the Chinese Zodiac she is having a boy and they tried the pin on the string thing a couple of weeks ago and once it was a girl and once it was a boy. So we're all still waiting to find out what it'll be...lol

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