Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Busy Weekend!

Headed up north on Friday evening, with Christine and Arlexis, so we could meet the girls for my cousin Amy's bachelorette party. We met at a hotel where some of the girls would be staying that night, my parents met us there so they could take my niece Arlexis back home with them. Went to a comedy show that was good, the first guy was horrible but the second two were very funny. After that we went to Rum Runners, a dance club on the ground floor and a piano bar up stairs. We set up camp up stairs to listen to the piano playing and singing for awhile then headed down stairs to dance. It was a great evening!
Saturday I got to sleep in for a bit and then lazed around until lunch time. After lunch I rode into town with Renee and Sarah so they could do some grocery shopping and I could pick up some things for our Yahtzee party that night. Went back to Renee's to help her unload her groceries and get a few things for dinner. Had dinner at the farm with Will, Renee, Christine, Arlexis, Zac and Sarah. The boys layed down in the living room while we played Yahtzee in the kitchen. We, Christine, Sarah, Renee and I, have become Yahtzee fanatics. Christine and I play a few times a week here in the south while Sarah and Renee do the same in the north and then when Christine and I go north we get together and play. It has become quite funny but a very good time. We're talking about having a Yahtzee tournament one day where you've got to buy in and the money going to the winner.
Sunday I went to church with my mom and Arlexis, we came home and relaxed and then went to Amy's bridal shower. After the shower Christine, Arlexis and I drove back south. I was tired out! And just think, I get to do that all over again for the next two weekends-Renee's baby shower is this weekend and Amy's wedding, which I'm singing at, is the following weekend. Yay!

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