Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I started a liver cleanse today...should be an interesting time. I do four days of a Seneca Indian cleanse, three days of the Master Cleanse and then four days of the Seneca Indian cleanse. I get to eat some for the Seneca Indian cleanse and then nothing for the Master Cleanse-just a mixture of water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cyanne pepper.

Today I could eat only fruit. It's not been too bad, I don't actually feel hungry I just keep having to remind myself that I'm choosing to do this. When I think of foods as "can't have" things I want them but when I can get myself to think about the health benefits and that this is a choice I do just fine. Here's to my health!

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Becki & Mike said...

Good luck with your cleanse. I always feel awful during a cleanse, but awesome afterwards.