Thursday, April 10, 2008


I'm not certain that I can put into words how much I like music. I wouldn't say I like all music, I don't care for songs that I can't make out the lyrics or ones with vulgar lyrics and the like, but I do like many different styles. Country, rock, jazz, classical, christian, r&b... My bosses handed me down K's ipod when she got a new one and I've been having such a good time adding all these songs that I'm infatuated with. I have a habit of hearing a song I really like and then listening to it constantly. Yesterday I purchased 4 new songs and they've been played fairly steadily since then... "Clumsy"-Fergie, "Come Home"-OneRepublic, "Whisper His Name"-Deluge and "In Better Hands Now"-Natalie Grant. I seem to be very into message songs, ones that make me think or really touch something in me and sometimes make me cry...okay, asside from "Clumsy"
I also am crazy into the soundtrack from "Across the Universe" can find my tribute in an earlier entry ;)

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