Monday, July 07, 2008

Pipe Dream

I've got a pipe dream...I'd like to buy the hardware store in my "hometown" and move back up there to run it. I have a sister that would be able to help me out on the business end and a friend that would be able to help out with knowledge of a hardware so that'd be all set. What makes it a pipe dream? I'd never be able to afford it unless I won the lottery or some ailing relative decided to will me their large I have always thought it would be neat to own some kind of store and in a small town like that it could be quite interesting too. I would condense the store down to be more like what it used to be and use the extra space for a community kitchen where people could come in and do their canning or cook/bake something they'd sell at a store or farmers market. It would be so fun and I love the idea of being able to help the people in the community like that. So if anyone finds it within themselves to fund my pipe dream just email me ;)

What's your pipe dream? You know, that thing that you'd love to do but unless a miracle happened or you all of a sudden came into a massive amount of money it isn't likely to happen.

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ranchmama said...

Have you looked into gov't grants or assistance? I know people can get what is called 'Young Farmer loans' We tried that once. Anyway, there could be something if you use your thinking cap. Like, is the store historic, or ina small town on the verge of dying out? I don't know if these things would work, I'm just suggesting a different way. If it was something for the community, like the kitchen you were talking about, you could go that route for funding.

Elise, ranchmama from MJF