Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blessed Event Drawing!

I've decided that in honor of my Blessed Event, aka. first blind date, I am going to hold a drawing for one of my reversible farmgirl aprons. (Check my aprons out --->>HERE!) I haven't decided which one I'm going to give up but as soon as I do I'll post a photo of it.

In order to be entered into the drawing you must comment to this post and tell me about the best date you've ever been on. I don't care if it was what others might consider boring or weird or whatever, I just want to know which one, or more than one, was the best, funnest, etc. I'll start off by sharing my favorite...

I was about 20 when this one took place, I'd been doing a summer community theatre show with this guy and he and I just seemed to hit it off so the night of the last show we were getting ready to go out for the last scene, it was a quick change so I was generally running to the wing and squeezing in front of him shortly before I had to walk onto the stage and I got up the nerve to turn around and ask him if he'd go on a date with me and to my surprise he smiled really big and said "of course!". This was out of character for me because I had a pretty dim view of myself at that time having just come out of high school, being overweight and having been picked on a lot, I wasn't certain that any guy would be interested in me. We decided to meet up at a coffee shop since we were both coming from 15-20 miles in opposite directions. We drove together and bought a disposable camera and proceeded to use up the whole thing in about an hour taking silly pictures of each other and together at all sorts of places (parking lots, inside a toy store, outside a hardware, etc.). After the pictures were all taken we dropped the camera off for one hour developing and then went to have coffee and talk. I don't think I'd talked to a guy like he and I talked, we talked about everything and I didn't feel the least bit uncomfortable. After coffee we picked up the pictures, looked at them for a bit and then went to see "Saving Private Ryan" where he held my hand and squeezed it when the gory parts came on. When the movie was over we walked out holding hands and drove back to his car at the coffee shop. He told me he was having a hard time getting out so we talked for a bit longer and when he opened the door to get out he turned back around and kissed me, he went to get out again then turned around and kissed me again and then that happened once more. I don't know how I drove home...lol

So, that was my best date, not just because of the kissing and how sweet he was about it but because it had been so much fun. If I can find the pictures I'll scan them and post a few. Now it's your turn! The drawing will be open until March 21st, the date that the Blessed Event is slated to take place...yes, that happens to be Good Friday and I'm hoping the holiness of that day will play on normal-ness of the event...lol


liggy girl said...

This is such a cute idea!!! My "best" date was when I called up this guy that was so flustered by me and I saw him when he was less than sober because of a town-wide event for a weekend. Anyway I called him that Monday to mess with him (bad me) and we ended up going to a local restaurant bar and just TALKING (that I think is the best date) and giggling. We hit it off really well. It was so much fun just sitting there having 1 beer and just talking alot. Got to know eachother fairly well. It just was a magical night. I was gonna just stay in cause of a sore back and had gotten out of a 3 year relationship and had dated other guys but no sparks, then for this accidental one to happen was just like boom, turned my frown upside down. :-D

100 Percent Cottam said...

saweet! i want in! my best date was my first date with my hubby of almost 10 years now!

first of all, he wanted to get his car washed and vacuumed before he picked me up. so he put his one and only $20 bill into the change machine and ended up with $20 in quarters - to take me out with! yes, he really showed up with a bag of quarters.

luckily, he had a hike and picnic planned - no money required. too bad he didn't get the memo that i'm "indoorsy"! :) so we hiked up at lake tahoe down to emerald bay. i was huffing and puffing the whole time - even though the incline barely sloped up. i'm pathetic. eventually it started raining, so we made a break for the car and ate our picnic there - lovely ham & cheese sandwiches on yummy rolls and a nice cold coke. i believe there may have been a brownie involved, too. anyway, it obviously went well - i married him a year later! :)

fun idea!!!

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

How fun! You've joggled my memory banks for sure. But my very best date was a simple picnic behind an old church in a valley where I once lived. It was quiet & sweet & a time of getting to know each other. We played frisbee, took a long walk and enjoyed a quiet lunch on a quilt out in the middle of nowhere. I haven't thought about that in a long, long time. Thank you for reminding me!

Be blessed,

Tori's Mimi said...

I haven't thought about when I dated for years. Hubby and I have been married for 26 so there is little time to think about it. Anway, my most memorable date was when I was in high school. I went on a date with a guy I met through a friend. Actually it was a double date. We went to the car races and on the way home the guys decided they wanted to drive down the train tracks. Well we got a flat tire doing that, duh! So we all got out while they fixed it, I felt like I was in a cartoon you know when your stuck on the tracks and the train is coming. That is exactly what happened and my date was having a fit because it was his car. LOL anyway those guys pushed that car for all it was worth and managed to get it off the tracks before the train got there. I don't know what possesses people to do foolish things but I will never forget that date and we never told anyone in high school about it because the guys were to embarrased. Btw, they took us out to eat after the tire was fixed. We had a really good time and afterward thought it was quite funny.
aka levisgrammy

Leezard said...

Thanks for sharing all of your great memories! What fun you all had!

Lainey said...

I'm really enjoying reading about these dates. This is such a fun idea! I guess the date that I'll always remember is the first full day spent with my now husband. We didn't really have a 'normal' dating or courtship time because he lived in Sweden. We had been talking online and on the phone for months before he decided to come for a vacation. The night I picked him up at the airport was a story in itself. I was so nervous that for some reason he wouldn't 'like' me in person that I took one of my best male friends with me to pick him up. At the airport I literally ran into him coming in a door and as soon as I saw his smile and got a big bear hug I knew I was silly to have been worried. Anyway for our first date the next morning I picked him up and we went to breakfast at Shoneys, which is one of my favorite places to go. He was amazed at the portions of food and the size of drinks he was served and said it was quite a bit different in Stockholm. We drove around a bit in Lexington before we went to a UK basketball game. My friend who had driven me to the airport gave us the tickets. Fredrik's not a big sports spectator but he was really impressed with the fan participation at the game. After the game he wanted to visit a Walmart. We went to one in Lexington and when we got around to the cereal section he was like a kid in a candy shop. I think we spent over 30 minutes looking at all the cereals before he choose 3 boxes to buy. He explained to me at his markets they only had half a dozen or 10 at the most of different kinds of cereal. And of course here we have entire isles of nothing but cereal. To this day when we drive by that Walmart in Lexington he calls it 'our Walmart'. I have to say that first full day endeared him to me. I was getting to look at some of our culture through his eyes.

Kami said...

Hi there! Popping in from Cottom. Fun to read about your date, and I hope you have a blast on your blind date.

My best date was with my now husband Kyle. He borrowed his grandpa's El Camino and we went to a drive in movie and pretty much just made out. It was sooo fun. Such a fun date even with out all the kissing.

hoLLy said...

hi! i read about your apron giveaway through natalie at 100 Percent Cottam. and i just checked out your aprons-wow! they are fantastic! pick me! :)
ok, so, here's one of my best dates...

my first date with my now-husband Joey was on the beach in corpus christi, texas,where we lived at the time. he picked me up, we grabbed a bite to eat, and then he drove us out to Padre Island. it was close to sunset, he laid out a blanket, played some music from his truck, and we just talked. then as it grew dark, he began to pull wood from the back of his truck. he was building a fire! once he got the flames going, we sat on the blanket together by the light of the fire and talked about everything and anything. i loved talking to him and was just so comfortable with him. i knew he was the one-i felt at home with him. he then leaned over and kissed me for the first time(and it was dang goooood:). here we are 8 years later, 3 beautiful daughters later, and he still does stuff like this. he is a sweet romantic (and studly) man and i feel so lucky to be his.

Jen V said...

I love a great apron!!

My "best" date is probably not the romantic, silly fluff date you have in mind. More of a "best revenge" date.

In high school, a boy I hardly knew asked me out. He was nice and I am always up for a good time so I accepted - this was on a Monday. By Friday (our planned date night) he had spread the rumor all around school that we were in a "very serious" relationship and was basically telling all the other boys to keep their hands off. Hmmmm. I was not pleased. Not only did I hardly know this boy, but me in a serious relationship in HS? No way - not happening - no way.

Our date was at a haunted forest maze (in October). My date thought he would be cute and flirty and funny and kick me in the bum. I smiled politely at him and realized - I could actually kick this guy good and hard and play it off like I was just being cutesy. Then he would know I was upset and that I too hard heard the rumors he had been spreading all week - but I wouldn't look like the bad guy - after all I was just being cute and flirty and funny right?

So, I kicked him - hard. I am not a violent or mean person, but I did play on the Varsity soccer team - so I am sure it hurt real good. He got the point.

That was the last time he asked me out. He stopped telling anyone who would listen how "dedicated" we were to our relationship and to each other. Pretty sure he didn't want a "relationship" with me after that - not a good idea to date a girl that can whoop ya. haha

Harlene said...

Hurray, what a fun idea! My best date was definitely my first date with my hunky hubby. He took me to an Egyptian artifacts museum. He knew so much about it and I was ever so impressed. He then mentioned that it was around the corner from his house which he shared with his grandfather, How sweet is this guy. He proceeded to tell about how his grandfather had this gift for "knowing" who each of his daughters in law would be, long before his sons ever met them. He shared each story. Then asked, "You don't mind if he joins us for dinner do you?". I very honestly replied, "I don't know, I haven't decided what I what I want him to "feel" about me yet;)" We did have dinner w/ grandpa, and then we watched Wheel of Fortune with grandpa and then he took me to see "Bambi" without grandpa. By the time he dropped me off, I was definitely twitterpatted!

Anonymous said...

I think the best date I ever went on was the time I went out with this guy who kept pointing out to me just where he'd crashed his car, several different locations were involved. It was just really silly . This was the guy i ended up marrying!