Monday, March 03, 2008

Blind Date?

My brother, Will, asked me if I'd go out on a blind date with a friend of a friend. He's never met the guy but he's been told he's very nice, quiet and clean. Clean? lol...that made me laugh. My one question was "What does he do for a living?", that was the one thing he apparently didn't know but I felt was more important then knowing what the guy looked like. For me anyway... I told him I'd consider it.

I haven't really dated in several years. I just haven't had much interest in putting myself out there and there hasn't really been anyone that's struck my fancy that much. I think it's more that I'm afraid to put myself out there but I can't say I regret the lack of dating I've done because my life has been pretty darn good over the years. I'm a bit nervous though and I haven't even said yes yet. Apparently the guy is quiet, I'm also quiet (especially one on one with someone I've never met) so that could be a little issue. Will said his friend who was interested in setting us up said he thought it'd be better if we did a one on one date but I think I'd be more comfortable with more of a group date, not a double date but maybe a get together with some people at someones house but if this guy is that quiet we might never talk with other people around. I don't know... Maybe I'm thinking about this too much...that wouldn't be anything

My name is Elizabeth and I'm an over analyzer...

If you've got an experience with blind dating I'd love to hear it!

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