Sunday, March 09, 2008

I'm In LOVE...

No, there's no man in my life...well, no physical man I picked up the movie Across The Universe and have fallen in love with it...the music, the imagery and Jim Sturgess who plays Jude. So there is a man but not a man I'll ever really have :p If you haven't seen this movie yet, I highly recomend you rent, buy borrow it or, if nothing else, you check out the music from it because it's so good. If you're a hard core Beatles fan it may not be up your alley because it's all Beatles music but most of it's been redone in ways that aren't the "classic" Beatles. You can learn about the movie here... Across The Universe and check out the trailer here... Trailer on Youtube.

I'm so into this movie that I watch it about once a week, when I'm at my sister's apartment doing some sewing I put it on because there's so much good music that you don't have to be able to see what's going on to enjoy it. I won't lie, the move is probably a bit out there for is very Beatles from my limited experience. If you look at how several of their songs you have to really read the lyrics and think about what they mean, parts of this movie are like that too. Oh, I love it!


Bekah said...

lol, you're awesome. That MOVIE is awesome. It's basically like a feature-film length music video interpretation of Beatles songs.

By the way, Liz, if you like the music you should check out Love. It's Beatles music but remixed and stuff, but using all original recordings. It's pretty awesome.

And I certainly hope you get the soundtrack for Across the Universe 'cause it's awesome!

Leezard said...

I will check out Love, sounds pretty cool to me! And I did buy the soundtrack, got it from itunes so it's now on my ipod...yay!